All About Socks

Socks Are Key Elements for Men's Style


Out of all the different elements that comprise a man's fashion and style, very often, the socks are forgotten, or otherwise not given a lot of consideration. However, the truth is, the socks could actually be one of the most crucial elements of a man's presentation that indicates a higher sense of refinement and awareness in his style. Much like belts, ties, and pocket squares, a pair of socks that are carefully chosen to complement an ensemble could really be the element that brings it all together and makes it unique. Yet, there are still some basic principles that could help a man be more proper or stylish with his choice of socks and how to coordinate them with an ensemble.


Of course, anyone can always wear whatever they want to wear, and however they want to wear it, but if aesthetic value is any concern in dressing, then there are some ways of dressing that are more aesthetically sound than others. For instance, most men know by now that it is not fashionable in any measure to wear gym socks with a more professional or formal ensemble. Likewise, it is often unfashionable for men to wear long dress socks with a summer shorts ensemble. While men can and certainly wear socks in both of these manners, they are not necessarily seen as being style conscious or concerned with presenting themselves in a fashionable way.


While there are some other standards of wearing sublimation socks stylishly that some might try to impose, beyond these two principles, the rest is to simply find ways to wear socks creatively but with a sense of taste and refinement. There are some men who might wear a navy blue, three-piece suit, with brown belt and shoes, complementing shirt, tie, and pocket square, and then have plain, neon green dress socks. Although the color neon green is nowhere else in the ensemble, because it presents a certain kind of contrast, it actually serves to highlight the rest of the ensemble, therefore bringing it into cohesion. However, if the socks were neon green, but with a pattern that draws a lot of attention to the socks as the principle element, rather than a complementary element, the balance of the ensemble could be thrown off, and the degree of style diminishes.


On the other hand, someone wearing jeans, with a nice solid color or simple patterned shirt, and stylish shoes could take more creative chances with their socks. Whereas the focus of a well-made three-piece suit should be the craftsmanship and elegance of the suit, a clothing ensemble that is more simple or casual can be accented with elements that will stand out a bit more. There are now many businesses, both on and offline, that sell custom designed socks from the sock club of various kinds. They even print custom images, or whatever images a customer might want or ask for, directly onto the socks, allowing for a much wider range of creative possibilities for a man's fashion and style.


As with most aspects of fashion and style, it is often not so stylish to wear accessories, even socks, that are overtly flashy or gaudy. Still, it is considered good fashion sense and style to be creative with things like ties and socks, but in a manner that is creatively tasteful, informed, and refined.